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The current Covid-19 pandemic that we have been suffering from for more than a year now must not make us lower our guard on other omnipresent diseases. Indeed, we are confronted daily with other microbiological problems. Microbiological risks kill 17 million people in the world every year and water is the main contamination’s vector.

In OPEX, in barracks, in the workplace, in hotels, at home... it is essential to guarantee the potability of water for human consumption. To this end, coliforms, or faecal contamination indicators, are very useful indicator microorganisms for assessing the microbiological risk associated with drinking water. In the same way, the detection of Legionella pneumophila (ubiquitous pathogenic bacterium at the origin of legionellosis, a fatal disease in more than 10% of cases) becomes very important when the water pipes are old or rarely used and this particularly if the water temperature is higher than 25°C. How to carry out these microbiological analyses when the nearest laboratory is too far away and thus protect the health of the staff on secondment or in a regular situation?

Anticipation being a major action in the management of a crisis, a pandemic, or even daily sanitary problems, it is therefore necessary to ask the question of how quickly it is possible to give a reliable diagnosis and in this way to detect, count and isolate quickly the pathogenic bacteria responsible. Today, the diagnostics times are long (up to several weeks).

Omega Koncept distributes the Mini-lab "Opex" from DIAMIDEX* and these two Legionella and Coliform kits which allow the detection of Legionella pneumophila (of all serogroups and cultivable) in water in only 48 hours and coliforms in 24 hours. To put it simply, these revolutionary solutions make it possible for everyone to assess the microbiological risk in water, with equipment that takes up very little space and kits that can be stored at room temperature and have a shelf life of 12 months (you are also able to move around, be projected and obtain the results autonomously with equipment that takes up very little space (hence our "Opex" designation).

Warning : water means the possibility of e-coli (cistern water, well water, canal water, spring water, lake water, sea water), hot water means the possibility of legionellosis: hotels, cruise ships, showers, air conditioning, swimming pools, hot tubs, water systems that are not used for more than 15 days, etc. Once infected by these micro-organisms, the lethal risk is over 10%.

This capacity for rapid and autonomous analysis in the field is the initial result of more than five years of French institutional and academic research, first (CNRS & University...) then in DIAMIDEX*.

In operational situations or in areas without electrical power supply (DIAMIDEX's R&D department is finalizing the supply of a solar power kit).

Our stock for the MILIPOL Qatar 2021 exhibition is 600 units for the mini-lab and 800 coliform or Legionella pneumophila kits. For this stock, the delivery time is 8 to 15 days. Beyond this quantity, a minimum delay of one month will be required.

*Diamidex was created in 2014 by Sam DUKAN, former director of research in microbiology at the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research). The company now has 23 employees including a team of doctors in microbiology, immunology, molecular genetics, machine learning, life physics etc... The solutions developed by Diamidex are based on Diamidex® technology, a major scientific innovation, patented, resulting from French academic research of excellence and recognized. This is evidenced by the numerous awards received such as the La Recherche prize in 2015, a citation in the Faculty of 1000 and the cover of the prestigious research magazine AngewandtChemie in January 2014. Fiche entreprise DIAMIDEX (


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