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The riot suite consiste of chest protector, back protector, shoulder protector, abdomen and groin protector,  legs and arms protector, (including croch and instep protection). The inner fabric adopts flame resistant nylon with a ventilated mesh liner and flame resistant EVA form spongze as is cushion. The junctures of each part adopt metal buckles, inserting plastic buckles, nylon Velcro and elastic belts





Section metal baton with sponge grip  Shaft material: 4130 carbon stell stick with heat treatment

Size: 16":21":26"



Stainless Handcuff, Law enforcement  handcuff, Secure any attacker, Additional restrain protection, Grooved with 20 locking position                                                                                          Material stainless steel Size: diameter 75 x diameter 95 x T 2.5 x L 230 mm, Weigth: 265g



The set includes:
- 3 glasses: 1 transparent, 1 yellow, 1 gray.
- 1 kit for corrective lenses.
- 1 branch transformation solution.
- 1 protective box
The SP035A is exceptional value for money. The frame is guaranteed against breakage. Ballistic Protection: the lenses are resistant according to NATO military standards: - STANAG 2920: Withstands the impact of a .22 caliber projectile fired between 190 and 205 m / s. - STANAG 4296: Withstands the impact of a .22 caliber projectile fired between 240 and 250 m / s. EYE PROTECTION FOR INDIVIDUAL SOLDIERS - CERTIFICATION OF 05/03/2018.

What are the peculiarities and advantages of our glasses:

 Comfort :

- they are light since they are made of polycarbonate

- adaptable to all body types

- antifog

- anti-scratch

-anti UV (maximum protection U6)

- by looking carefully through it and over 180 ° there is no local deformation due to parallax,
a fuzzy or distorted area (The difference between polycarbonate and glass is that it is practically impossible to have
a deformation within a glass itself, which can be the case with a plastic material such as polycarbonate).

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